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You may need a Nurse Care Manager if you:

•  have multiple medical or psychological challenges

•  feel you need someone to advocate for you during appointments, Emergency Room visits, hospitalization or rehabilitation stays

•  have limited or no family support

•  aren't satisfied with current care providers and are unsure of whom to choose

•  are unable to safely live in your current setting and want resources to remain home or move to a different environment

•  need help managing your finances or legal decisions


Your family may need a Nurse Care Manager if they:

•  are looking for guidance or support with difficult care decisions

•  are feeling "burned out" and unsure of appropriate care solutions

•  have limited time to help or live out of town

•  need effective care solutions for a loved one with dementia

•  disagree among family members regarding the client's care needs

•  need assistance coordinating medical appointments

•  want help with developing long range plans for older family members not currently in need of care

•  need services from legal or financial advisors


We work with a variety of professionals who support the needs of aging adults, including medical, legal and financial experts.  These can include physicians, attorneys, guardians, and financial advisors as well as a variety of care companion services.

Compassionate Aging Care

We are professionally licensed and insured Nurse Care Managers provide focus and assistance to individuals and families facing ongoing health challenges.  We conduct a comprehensive assessment and create a Plan of Care centered on compassionately addressing the client's wants and needs.  This personalized plan assists the client and family to attain optimal quality of life by providing guidance on health related choices, preventing the duplication of services, preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and helping to maintain independence and dignity...