Our Story

Compassionate Aging Care Management, LLC was founded in 2017 but really began many years prior to this.  During the past 27 years as a Home Health Care Nurse and Aging Nurse Care Manager, Margo advocated for numerous clients, helping them obtain the highest quality of life with the best care.  She has also been an advocate for friends during a serious illness.  When a friend had a blood infection and then suffered a stroke, inappropriate care was being recommended.  Margo advocated for a different physician who recommended a different treatment.  According to this physician, it not only prevented the friend's death, but enabled her friend to eventually live independently at home.


She was an advocate for her Mother-In Law, Marjorie,  when family needed effective solutions, enabling her to stay at her home in Idaho.  When she suffered a paralyzing stroke at  87 years old, Margo and her husband flew immediately to Idaho.  Marjorie was diagnosed with a heart condition, too, giving only days to live.  Inappropriate resources were being suggested and family was unable to care for her at home.  Margo advocated for her Mother-In-Law's care, finding a Hospice House an hour away after being told there were none in the area.  This allowed Marjorie to have compassionate end of life care and for family to focus on quality time with her.  Later, with her own Mom, Eleanor, who lived near family in Colorado, she provided guidance in her care over several years, helping to find effective solutions when needed.  Then in early 2017, her 94 year old Mom began to decline rapidly.  After Hospice was initiated, Margo's sisters and husbands worked as a team to provide compassionate care in the final days of her life.

A few months after Margo's Mom, Eleanor, passed away, the company she worked with as an Aging Nurse Care Manager, went out of business.  She began receiving phone calls from others asking for effective solutions to help with a loved one.  Her strong commitment to advocate for the highest quality of life for all individuals, along with encouragement from a professional friend, made the choice to begin Compassionate Aging Care Management an easy one.

Compassionate Aging Care

We are professionally licensed and insured Nurse Care Managers provide focus and assistance to individuals and families facing ongoing health challenges.  We conduct a comprehensive assessment and create a Plan of Care centered on compassionately addressing the client's wants and needs.  This personalized plan assists the client and family to attain optimal quality of life by providing guidance on health related choices, preventing the duplication of services, preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and helping to maintain independence and dignity...