Getting Started

In our initial phone call, information is gathered and a free hour-long appointment is set up.  At the appointment, we gather more details about you and we provide more specific information about our services.  If you are interested, a service agreement is signed and an appointment for a Comprehensive Assessment is scheduled.  


During the Comprehensive Assessment, we perform assessments related to physical and mental health, safety, medications, and daily living needs.  We also review financial and legal needs, your current caregiver resources and hear your thoughts and concerns.  


After 3-5 days, we return with a comprehensive personalized Plan of Care that summarizes our assessment and provides recommended care solutions.  The goal of our Plan of Care is to provide resources and solutions that compassionately provide the highest quality of life for our clients and a better outcome for clients and families who would otherwise be navigating on their own.


Once a Care Plan is in place, we work with you and your family to implement the plan. If there are guardians or other caregivers already in place, our services and communication with them expertly manage the medical side of their client's needs.


Compassionate Aging Care Management associates can be reached at (402) 686-0008 or email at and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Compassionate Aging Care

We are professionally licensed and insured Nurse Care Managers provide focus and assistance to individuals and families facing ongoing health challenges.  We conduct a comprehensive assessment and create a Plan of Care centered on compassionately addressing the client's wants and needs.  This personalized plan assists the client and family to attain optimal quality of life by providing guidance on health related choices, preventing the duplication of services, preventing unnecessary hospitalizations and helping to maintain independence and dignity...